A new collaborative piece from Duncan Chisholm and Donald Shaw, beautifully accompanied by members of The Scottish Session Orchestra (Clockwork Sessions).

Donald Shaw has written this beautiful melody which is superbly portrayed on this recording through the evocative fiddle playing of Duncan Chisholm. Recorded at the City Halls, Glasgow this track is sensitively layered with accompanying strings provided by the acclaimed Clockwork Sessions; a world class ensemble comprising the principal players from Scotland’s leading orchestras.

Due to unprecedented demand, we have had to move the ability to purchase and download Constellation to the dedicated music download site Bandcamp.  Further information is available on their website, by clicking here.

Duncan Chisholm:  one of the most accomplished and authentic interpreters of traditional Highland fiddle music.  Duncan’s well-established musical career has taken him throughout the UK, Europe and the USA, through his solo performances, accompanying other world class musicians and through producing / directing award winning multi-media projects.  The correlation between music and the natural world lies at the heart Duncan’s inspiration.  The natural elements that make the Highlands of Scotland such a unique canvas are the force and motivation behind his music.

Donald Shaw:  has toured worldwide with Capercaillie, the Scots folk band he co-founded whilst at school in Argyll and who have gone on to sell over a million albums with their unique sound of Gaelic songs and contemporary soundscapes.  Donald is currently principal Creative Producer for Glasgow’s Celtic Connections; the largest roots festival of its kind in the UK, with an annual audience of over 120,000.

The Scottish Session Orchestra comprises some of the UKs finest musicians for recording Film, TV and Game soundtracks with Clockwork Sessions production company.  Principal players from orchestras such as BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Scottish Chamber Orchestra and the Scottish Ensemble form the core of this specialist recording group.

Behind the collaboration:  Donald Shaw and Duncan Chisholm first met as teenagers and shared a tune together when Donald was visiting Inverness-shire on holiday.  Their parents had a knack of seeking out any opportunities for these aspiring musicians to meet other like-minded talented individuals with a view to growing their enthusiasm (and repertoire) of traditional music.  Duncan traded a few special Highland fiddle airs with Donald’s lilting west coast accordion tunes on that first session and it is ironic that, given the 30+ years that followed – involving performances in the world’s biggest concert halls and festivals in their respective projects – that they should end up playing together again, revisiting those airs and lilting tunes on a tour of small halls in Skye in 2018.  Whilst on those intimate gigs they resolved to record together.

We are delighted to present Constellation, a melody destined for Duncan’s rich evocative fiddle style along with soft minimal piano shapes.  Neither artist could resist the thought of working with a beautiful string section to further colour this melody and feel privileged to be joined by The Scottish Session Orchestra on this recording.

Over the course of this pandemic, many of us have found ourselves grasping for some source of human contact, a way to connect with the social culture that we have been shut off from.

We are reminded of the value of music as it engages us in the more positive aspects of life. Music creates a sense of belonging and participation. In the face of uncertainty and panic, music is a social balm for soothing anxiety, enhancing community connections and acting in defiance of a threat to community spirit. It is a reminder of brighter days past and lends hope, as we look to the future.

For Duncan personally, playing music throughout this period has been a cathartic experience. He has striven to extend this feeling to others through recording and sharing  daily musical offerings over social media for the entirety of the lockdown period.  #COVIDCeilidh has brought moments of light and reflection to many throughout this strange and sometimes difficult period in our lives.  Duncan has received messages of thanks from all around the world, proving very much what music can bring to our lives in terms of inspiration, solace, hope and companionship.

Therefore, it seems timely to release this exclusive track.

Recorded at a simpler time when a coming together to perform and record music was a natural and privileged experience.  We look forward to these times again.

Enjoy the music….